Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two Awesome Ladies

When I’m out and talking to homeless or people in need I have shared laughter, tears and hugs of gratefulness. So many emotions sometimes when someone wants to sit and talk all about their story. I have often thought if more people could share this they would work as hard as I do to help that many more. I was very inspired when I read two stories that were sent to me within the last 24 hours. I’m going to share them here and maybe you’ll be inspired as I was.

The first one comes from a great person that has helped me many of time with doing things for the homeless and even doing the ‘Pie and Coke’ with me.

Here’s a story by Benedikte Palings

After a coffee with Cornelia I walked to the Valley Station and there was a skinny, elderly Aboriginal guy sitting on the ground asking for money. I asked if I could get him something to eat instead, and he said “Yes please, I’m starving”. He said he couldn’t walk very well because he was nearly blind. I asked what he would like, and he said “something hot”. I asked if he would like a burger, and he did. He also asked for a soft drink. I said I’d get something and I would come back.

I went into the Station hall where there is a KFC, and got him a combo meal. He had not expected I would return, and when I announced myself he said “Awww, you come back”. I put the burger and the chips in his hand, told him what it was. I could see his excitement when he felt the food in his hand. He put it very close to him on the ground. Then I got him the pepsi and two of those little wet towels to clean his hands. OMG Grant, he was so happy. Had one tear rolling down his check and he said “May God bless you, you are my Angel. I love you”. He had me close to tears as well! Just a little meal for under $6 became so much more than that. Such a pity I was wearing a skirt and couldn’t sit on the ground, otherwise I would have done the whole pie n coke thing with him.

It was really, really moving how happy he was, like I had done something HUGE. And if I had not met you Grant this would not have happened. I would have walked pasted him, how sad is that... I was thinking of writing this experience on my wall and encourage others to do the same (buying someone a feed), but not sure if that would be appropriate. What do you think? I would really value your opinion.

But thank you, Best Bud, because you have opened my eyes to something that is truly sad and urgent in our modern society and I am very grateful that you did, because I won’t walk past with blinkers on anymore....

Benedikte is awesome and Ace’s in my book.


Now I’ll share a story written to me by Deb Boundy who is such an inspiration to most that would know her. She helps a great organization called Making a Difference - Brisbane which helps so many people all the time and really does more than I do some days.

Here’s Deb’s story that was written to me.

Morning Grant,

I just wanted to let you know I did something yesterday which made me feel good. There was a homeless man sitting outside a shop in Logan, I said “good afternoon”to him and smiled at him. I went inside the shop, the gentleman looked hungry so I bought him a hot wrap and a iced coffee Breaka. Just thought I’d let you know. Was due to meeting you that did this, in previous times I would have smiled and said afternoon but not bought anything. Thank you Grant.

They don’t come nicer then these two ladies. There awesome and I’m proud to just know them and the fact their doing the same as me and helping wherever they can for people in need and homeless.


Now I do have some very good news. I went to the specialist on Friday morning and over the last 6 weeks my red cell count has come downward and the treatment is working well, now I’m doing the treatment for another 6 weeks and then look at the results again. I knew I would get through this, I wasn’t going to quit or give up. Haha. I’m not out of the woods yet but it’s a positive turn. I wanted to thank all those that sent emails and things.


More good news to come. The donation button has collected a total of $618 (Mostly thanks to Sally Piracha)  towards building that coffee cart which will help people in need by giving experience and a job.

I’d like to thank you all for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day. This post may inspire others to help others in need so please share using the buttons below.

Grant the Polite Guy.


  1. Hello all, this is Benedikte Palings who sent Grant the message that he posted above (first one). I just wanted to say that Grant is one of the kindest, biggest-hearted and most genuine people you could ever meet. At the moment, he is working on a coffee-cart project that will help homeless and other disadvantaged people get work in the hospitality industry. The idea is to have a coffee cart run by homeless and/or disadvantaged people who want to move forward with their lives. Most things are in place, from the training to the venue where the coffee cart is going to be. All that is needed is for the coffee cart itself to be built. As Grant says, $618 has already been raised, which is great. However, building the coffee cart costs quite a bit more than that. So please, if you are interested in helping homeless and other disadvantaged people - and most likely you are because you are reading this blog - donate if you can, by using the donation button in the left top corner of the screen. Every dollar helps. The money will go towards this great coffee cart project. With all the donations it will be a community project: from the community for the community. What more can we want... Thank you!

  2. Great stories Grant.
    Always bringing a smile!