Saturday, September 1, 2012


I come across a lot of people that are homeless or in great need. I mean sometimes people just need that helping hand because they are down on their luck. People lose jobs, accommodation, relationships split ups and one or both feel left alone, there’s many reasons why people fall down. One thing I have noticed with talking to people that are homeless or close to it is that things started going downhill and it just never stopped.

I’ll write about one case without mentioning names. I have spent a lot of time with a lady that lost her job and went for job interview after job interview for months, soon after she had to move into her car because she could pay the same rent as she had when working. I believe she thought it would be for a short time. Then as time went on she slowly just accepts it and it’s become more of a lifestyle. She stopped hiding it and started believing herself to have less worth.

The way I see it, the longer she believes this is a lifestyle the harder it’ll be to come back. This is not a once off story, I’m sure there’s hundreds of names that could be put to that story.

Being knocked back time after time again for work would be hard but losing their home as well could sent someone on a downward spiral. This was written for people that do look for work, not people that never miss Judge Judy or Springer every day. Ha ha

I’d like to write about an idea I mentioned not too long ago. It’s a Coffee cart idea that like other coffee carts sells coffee.

The idea of this coffee cart was to only employ and train people from hardships. The idea is they do a 2 weeks training in a coffee shop which I have set up, then work for above award wages at the coffee cart getting experience in the industry. No limit of how long they stay for.

I was thinking with every cup of coffee sold then the cart would donate 20 cents to the charity I’m putting together which does the BBQ’S and helps homeless. So really it’ll be people in need getting trained and working while each cup sold goes to helping others that are in need. Something like ‘Pay it Forward’

Now I have organized everything coffee machine, beans, cups, eg except the cart itself which Nathan Scholz has said he would make if I bought the materials, around $2,500. I am putting all money I get from my donation button (top left) towards this until I raise enough.

To help me out raising this, an amazing person Sally Piracha has placed a brand new IPAD on ebay which all the money is donated for making the cart as well. A brand new IPAD AWESOME.

Check it out and know the winner gets an IPAD and helps people in the future. There’s only 6 hours to go.

I’d like to say thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day. Please donate if you can on the donation button (top left) as all money is going towards getting that cart.

Grant the Polite Guy.

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