Monday, July 30, 2012

All coming together

I have so much to write tonight and I’m sorry if this one is longer than normal but at the end I am going to be writing about me sleeping on the streets again, that got your attention. Just grab a drink, sit back and enjoy. This post is very important to me because it’s about amazing people and our next event.

·         Making a Difference - Brisbane (MaD)

I remember I was doing a collection for someone in need and a Denise Hoyle called and said she had blankets to give to help out. Even brought them to me. (I love that bit as I don’t have a car). Well on the day Denise was talking about how she has done huge work helping flood effected people and now turning her efforts to helping homeless and people in need. That’s my kind of person, she’s Ace’s in my book. Ha ha.

Not long after Denise heard I was planning another BBQ event and I was collecting blankets and things for the homeless and offered to help using her crew from Making A Difference.  

Facebook Page July’s 100 Blankets was put together by Denise and her MaD team who are just as awesome being, Kerry Krause and Deb Boundy. Now when they put this page together they thought collecting 100 blankets would be great. Really when these 3 ladies put their mind to something about helping people then really I don’t think anything could stop them. I know they made calls drove countless Kms (Miles for U.S readers).

So for the whole month of July they have been collecting and collecting, I’m so impressed with the huge efforts which each of them have done and I can say last count I got was a huge amount being over 200 blankets, toiletries packs and things to give to the homeless. THERE AWESOME.

Just think about it, 3 ladies and friends used one Facebook page and a lot of leg work to do so much for people they don’t know.

Now July is almost over and because of the problems with Mates helping Mates I can’t put a BBQ together because I can’t legally ask for money to get insurance and for the purpose of having a BBQ for the homeless. I know it’s legal stuff. But I am setting another charity up right but it takes time.

Now when you do good in the world there’s good to be found.

I got a phone call from Yvonne Jones who told me she has followed my blog for ages (Her words. Haha) Well after talking to Yvonne she told me that she done huge work helping flood effected with Denise and many others. Now as chance would have it, Yvonne Jones has been working with others to put their own BBQ together called

‘Reconnect’ Homelessness Week Event

On August 8 at Petrie School of Arts

Sleepout for homeless. This is the same as other CEO sleepouts where they raise money to help homeless and the person gets a feeling of what it’s like to be out in the cold. In this case there asking people to buy 3 sleeping bags ($175 for 3 sleeping bags which they buy) of which you donate and there given to homeless the next morning. AWESOME IDEA.

A sleep out from 4.30 pm on the 7th august 2012 in the park next to the Petrie School of Arts will launch the activities. A sausage sizzle will be provided for participants around 7pm. Breakfast will commence about 7 am followed by setting up for the day’s events.  Local Members, CEO, Managers, staff and students are invited to bring a tent and warm clothing and participate in this event. For more details please contact Rose Butler of Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre on 0417791891 or

The BBQ event commencing at 9am until 12 noon an Inter agency network forum will provide an opportunity services to discover services in our region and new referral pathways. The event will culminate with services invited to engage with people from 12.30 pm- 3 pm to deliver services which include:

Support to access identity documentation including birth certificates,

 Centrelink – support to access entitlements,

Department of Housing & Public Works – support to register for housing,

Metro North Medicare Local – free health checks and much more.

This event is going to help so many people, homeless and in need so as you can imagine I was excited when I was asked to join and help with this event. Right away I say that it seems you have so much I’m proud to even know you, what can I help with? The answer came back clothes and blankets. Now I still have injuries and of course the heart attack thing but I swear I could have done cartwheels right there and then. The MaD team have just collected a huge amount of blankets and I can get clothes by asking for them here on my blog and in the city. I couldn’t believe it, everything was coming together so well. Here was Denise and her MaD team waiting for an event to help homeless with blankets and things, then I had Yvonne on the phone telling me about an event and inviting me to join and help out where I can with the contacts I have too.

Now that is a huge ending there, but no this is my blog and the good just keeps coming. I received an email from Craig Michaels from Connected - Volunteers and Supporters They helped flood effected people as well. Now Craig’s email sent floods of memories back because it made me think about the very first BBQ event I put together. You see I was so scared I couldn’t get enough clothes and things for the homeless that I asked Craig and his team at Connected to donate clothes and things for the homeless through my BBQ. The guy was only too happy to give me more then I needed as long as it helped homeless and people in need.

I remember turning up with the van and there was pallets of things just waiting for loading and there was Craig with a huge smile and saying “Do good with this and help those that need it the most” we left with the big van loaded in the back and I was sitting on another box in the front seat with my feet on two box’s.

The guy really is a full hand of Ace’s in my book. Now this guy has helped in the thousands of people and now he’s came through again with the email saying he’d like to donate 200 more blankets and can food and things. The guy is awesome when it comes to helping. It’s no surprise the guy got a call saying he became a finalist for Pride Medal of Australia. Good luck mate.

200 more Blankets. Awesome.

Now Craig is a great man but he finds himself in a jam because the warehouses he uses he can’t use much longer. Now he is a charity and he’s looking for a warehouse to store the huge amount of things waiting to be given to people in need, prefer near railway which the owner can claim on tax because of his charity name and number. It’s another legal thing which I don’t really understand, but if you have a warehouse or large storage available please call and ask Craig about it and I’m sure he’ll explain all about it. 32671629. Sometimes people that help others need help to continue, so if you can please help. Tell him I sent you and I might get a beer out of it. Ha ha


Now for a short while now I’ve been trying to put a new idea together where it’s a coffee cart on a floor of the BOQ building and there’s going to be two people working it. One making the coffee’s and the other racing it to people office’s (Right to their desk and boardrooms). Now the reason I’m putting this together is because I’m wanting to help people in need with jobs.

I have a coffee shop saying they will do all training and explain everything about what they need to know in a way of getting on their feet. You see I figure if I can set a business up where I not only help people off the streets but helping them to learn and train how to work and even giving them a job to work and stay or just get the experience. (Paying them better then award).

Then I thought even better, After I have set the charity up I could set it up so that a percentage of per cup sold gets donated to the charity to help more as well. So the idea is, I help people off the streets or just in need and train them and offer a job to help them get on their feet and part of the profits go to a charity which helps even more people. People who have gotten help working and helping people to get help.

Now with my contacts that I have now so far I have machine , beans, cups and things but I need one of them carts for the whole thing to go one. Now I have priced one and there $12,000 new. But I know a guy which I can’t wait to write about later, well he’s dad can make one if I buy materials for it. About $2,500.

So from right now I’m donating all money I get from my donations from writing here until I get enough to pay for the cart and things needed. You know that yellow donation button at the top left. Now I normally say that I help people to help themselves, well now I’m saying I’m helping people to help themselves and then others in need too.


At the start of this post I said I was going to be sleeping on the streets. I am doing the CEO Sleepout too. My sleeping another night on the streets is going to help 3 homeless people with sleeping bags and while I’m there I’ll maybe inspire someone. Please think about joining me and contact Rose Butler of Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre on 0417791891 or

Really there asking people to sleep one night out (which is safe) to help many that do it every night.

Thank you for reading my blog and as I like saying in life “Please share” there’s a little blue F for sharing on Facebook and a little T for sharing on Twitter.

I hope you all have a great day/night and if you like my stories, please feel free to donate on the Donate Button up top left.

Grant the Polite Guy

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P.S Sorry for the extra long post.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Fresh Start.

Hi Guys and ladies of course,
To be honest I’m celebrating right now because the Bone Marrow went well and all tests are done; now I’m waiting for all the results. Now I’ll admit I was a bit scared last time I wrote, not because of the Bone Marrow hurting but worried about not getting my fitness and health back quickly afterwards.
But here I am days later and the reason I’m celebrating is I went back to work today. I managed to work the whole day earning money. I even done a ‘Pie and Coke’ which in today case did want a Pie and Coke. Awesome. I must say I’m proud of myself. So here’s some advice. Never give up because you’re the only person that can stop yourself.
I have been asked a lot about Mates helping Mates and our BBQ’S. Well I’ll put it here so people don’t get the wrong idea. Firstly I’m not going to dump on anyone, because really it doesn’t change anything. Sometimes people run others down so they look good themselves. That’s not looking good it’s showing your standards.
Now don’t get me wrong no-one is running me down (well that I know of, haha) but I want people to know I’m not angry or hold a grudge.
The fact is Mates helping Mates still needed to do legal papers to register for different things to be a charity and we couldn’t move forward until it happened. Well time went on and that’s one of the reasons there was no BBQ’S for 5 months. Except of course for the BBQ I put together by myself without using any resources from Mates helping Mates.
You see I have a burning desire to help people that are down on their luck and I don’t want to be slowed down. I did send an email saying we go get the legal things done now as a team with Randel (a lawyer) help or I would walk away and resign.
The reply wasn’t we are going to get the legal things done.
Over the next 7 days I will be asking a team of people to join me and build a new and great charity that helps people. I will be doing the legal things right from the start with Randel’s help. I am going to need people to be part of the board. There’s two people I’m hoping emails or texts me to ask, but I’ll see what happens.
The fact that I know I can help so many more people is the only reason I’m leaving Mates helping Mates.
I hope you all have a great day and thank you for reading my blog. I wanted to write more but it’s late and I want to work tomorrow too. Haha
Thank you again.
Grant the Polite Guy

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bone Marrow

This is not going to be a happy post. To be honest I’m sitting in the dark listening to music to get into a better mood but it’s not working. So here I am writing because it does give me a purpose and mostly something to do.

I know I wrote last time about maybe having a heart  attack, well the good news is it wasn’t a heart attack. My blood is way to think with red cells and there was lots of big words mentioned which I would always nod like an idiot and make out I understood all the big words.  I do know I’ve done so many test now it’s a matter of saying “what day is it and what test today?”

Today I went to a specialist on blood and all he done was scare the crap out of my wife Cheryl who was there to support me. You see he used big words too and really I had no idea what he was saying except him saying we’re rushing you in to have a Bone Marrow tomorrow morning and booking more tests on Friday and Monday. I don’t even know what they’re going to be doing except drilling a hole in one of my bones. “Hey I’ll be a Holy Man” you see writing helps. Haha

Hey before I get a whole lot of people call or text or email me about the Bone Marrow and what is going to happen, please don’t!! The way I see it, the doctor knows what he has to do and me well all I have to do is turn up and go to sleep. After I wake up they say what they did and then it’s too late. Not worrying about it because there’s nothing I can do about it. As long as I don’t come out a girl I’ll be fine. Haha. Another joke hey I’m doing better. Ha ha

Oh I have a huge WARNING. I’m not telling my daughter Jasmine anything about this because well really she’s only 9 years old and what’s the point of worrying her. So the WARNING is, please if you know her don’t mention anything because there’s no reason to upset or worry her. I wrote it twice so people would let it sink in.

I want to say I’m scared, not the operation, that’s out of my hands. I’m scared that if things go wrong or I don’t heal quickly or there’s more wrong, then what will happen? Will my family life fall apart again? Will I lose everything again? Then there’s the big one, is there a chance I become homeless again with nothing? I know I have a great wife and daughter but, well there’s always a but.

The Doctors can do whatever they want as long as I’m able to work and provide for my family as a working man. I know over the last two weeks I have worked two days because of my health, doing tests and money is already in a bad way. I need to get better quickly and work again.

I guess that’s why I help the homeless so much, because I know how easy it could happen and really if I was to be homeless again I would want to meet someone doing what I do to help me get on my feet again. I will never stop doing the BBQ’S and helping one on one because of this every reason.

Haha Now I know I won’t post this one.

What the heck. People want to read about Grant the Polite Guy being positive. Well here’s the truth, I’m always positive because I won’t face losing again because it’s a quick road down, but a long journey back.

Please wish me luck for tomorrow and for you I hope you have a great day. Remember the words “Homeless People” are “People” if you take away the “homeless” word.

Thank you for reading my blog and if I lose some readers because it’s a bit sad well I understand. I still wish you a good day.

Grant the Polite Guy.

Monday, July 9, 2012

3 Needing Help

HI guys, I must be honest it’s only 7:30pm and I’m so tired and weak that I feel like I have been awake for days. But I haven’t, I just have this thick blood thing happening.

About an hour and a half ago I posted on Facebook and Twitter to get help for a girl doing her training for a job and needing black pants and money for a Go-Card an food and things. Let’s face it cost money to buy lunch instead of eating at home.

This girl I have helped in the past with accommodation and clothes for job interviews, so I was happy to know she got a job.

Now normally I would put my hand in my own pocket for things like this but to be honest I have been unwell and not able to work for most of two weeks and I can’t afford it. I even can’t do the “Pie and Coke” this week so I really do feel bad about that. But as I was saying I posted to help this girl when I got a girl message me on facebook and a few minutes later a call on the phone from 2 other people doing job interviews, tomorrow and on Wednesday and asking for help. It’s mostly because I’m so tired but I felt overwhelmed and thought I have to post it here to ask others to help.

People know I help as much as I can but I sometimes can’t help everyone so I’ll type it here and see if I can get people to pitch in please. If people want to be paid back I’m happy to do so.

Sarah doing training for job.

Needed Pants (Black) Size14. I have one pair coming.

Money on Go-Card

Money for expenses (Food, Drinks)

Shannon doing Job interview.

I have arranged clothes but needs money on her Go-Card

Domanic (I think it’s the spelling) doing job interview. (Wednesday)

Money for Go-Card and shirt size M Men’s size.

I know these are small things but to be honest because I have not worked I can’t do it myself. If people can help please email me on or call tomorrow because I’m going to sleep now 0412 190 011.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a good night.

Grant the Polite Guy.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Heart Attack

The last few days has really done a turnaround for me. You see last Tuesday night I collapsed clinging my shirt because of the pain I felt in my chest. I climbed onto the bed and thousands of things went through my mind. To be honest I thought “I was done like a dinner and it was all over”.

(Haha the one time I get the house to myself and I couldn’t enjoy it, when really I needed someone there. I can’t win. Haha).

Thinking about things I had done and still want to do in life, people I’ve helped and still want to help.

Well the next morning I went to the Doc’s and he has me doing all these test including blood. It took all day yesterday and all morning today but at least I got the good news at the end. I didn’t have a heart attack but I have thick blood and need a Bone Narrow. I still don’t really know what it is but I’m so happy my hearts good. To be honest after the doc said it’s not a heart attack I really was to happy to care what it was. I have more test to do through to Thursdays day next week which all I kept thinking is I can’t work while doing them. So please if you use my Shoe Shinning Chair and I’m not there. I’m sorry but I have to get this done.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because there are homeless out there who suffer things like this and without a medicare card or insurance they will not get the help that everyone else takes for granted. I know for some it’s better to get worst in health because then the hospitals takes them in and the homeless person gets accommodations/food and things while they get better.

But maybe it something to think about. People need to get worst in health just to get help or a bed and food while being safe. It happens.


A lot of people are wondering when the next BBQ is going to be for the homeless. Well because of things happening lately it’s best to say there is going to be a BBQ soon but I’m working on when. Maybe in 4-6 weeks from now. A few changes has to happen first. As I plan it I’ll post it here. The next one is going to be the biggest one ever. Helping more people in need. I know many of people are preparing by collecting blankets like ‘Making A Difference’ (M.A.D) and I thank you all for doing so. There AWESOME.


I’d like to thank you all for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day and remember if you take the word “Homeless” out of “Homeless People” then you are left with just “People”

Grant the Polite Guy