Monday, July 23, 2012

A Fresh Start.

Hi Guys and ladies of course,
To be honest I’m celebrating right now because the Bone Marrow went well and all tests are done; now I’m waiting for all the results. Now I’ll admit I was a bit scared last time I wrote, not because of the Bone Marrow hurting but worried about not getting my fitness and health back quickly afterwards.
But here I am days later and the reason I’m celebrating is I went back to work today. I managed to work the whole day earning money. I even done a ‘Pie and Coke’ which in today case did want a Pie and Coke. Awesome. I must say I’m proud of myself. So here’s some advice. Never give up because you’re the only person that can stop yourself.
I have been asked a lot about Mates helping Mates and our BBQ’S. Well I’ll put it here so people don’t get the wrong idea. Firstly I’m not going to dump on anyone, because really it doesn’t change anything. Sometimes people run others down so they look good themselves. That’s not looking good it’s showing your standards.
Now don’t get me wrong no-one is running me down (well that I know of, haha) but I want people to know I’m not angry or hold a grudge.
The fact is Mates helping Mates still needed to do legal papers to register for different things to be a charity and we couldn’t move forward until it happened. Well time went on and that’s one of the reasons there was no BBQ’S for 5 months. Except of course for the BBQ I put together by myself without using any resources from Mates helping Mates.
You see I have a burning desire to help people that are down on their luck and I don’t want to be slowed down. I did send an email saying we go get the legal things done now as a team with Randel (a lawyer) help or I would walk away and resign.
The reply wasn’t we are going to get the legal things done.
Over the next 7 days I will be asking a team of people to join me and build a new and great charity that helps people. I will be doing the legal things right from the start with Randel’s help. I am going to need people to be part of the board. There’s two people I’m hoping emails or texts me to ask, but I’ll see what happens.
The fact that I know I can help so many more people is the only reason I’m leaving Mates helping Mates.
I hope you all have a great day and thank you for reading my blog. I wanted to write more but it’s late and I want to work tomorrow too. Haha
Thank you again.
Grant the Polite Guy


  1. Great to hear that you are doing well after the operation. :)

  2. You know Peter and I will always support you, we love what you do for the less fortunate.
    You are living proof that even though you are "down" you don't have to be "out", as well!
    Proud to call you a mate.
    Karen and Peter