Monday, July 9, 2012

3 Needing Help

HI guys, I must be honest it’s only 7:30pm and I’m so tired and weak that I feel like I have been awake for days. But I haven’t, I just have this thick blood thing happening.

About an hour and a half ago I posted on Facebook and Twitter to get help for a girl doing her training for a job and needing black pants and money for a Go-Card an food and things. Let’s face it cost money to buy lunch instead of eating at home.

This girl I have helped in the past with accommodation and clothes for job interviews, so I was happy to know she got a job.

Now normally I would put my hand in my own pocket for things like this but to be honest I have been unwell and not able to work for most of two weeks and I can’t afford it. I even can’t do the “Pie and Coke” this week so I really do feel bad about that. But as I was saying I posted to help this girl when I got a girl message me on facebook and a few minutes later a call on the phone from 2 other people doing job interviews, tomorrow and on Wednesday and asking for help. It’s mostly because I’m so tired but I felt overwhelmed and thought I have to post it here to ask others to help.

People know I help as much as I can but I sometimes can’t help everyone so I’ll type it here and see if I can get people to pitch in please. If people want to be paid back I’m happy to do so.

Sarah doing training for job.

Needed Pants (Black) Size14. I have one pair coming.

Money on Go-Card

Money for expenses (Food, Drinks)

Shannon doing Job interview.

I have arranged clothes but needs money on her Go-Card

Domanic (I think it’s the spelling) doing job interview. (Wednesday)

Money for Go-Card and shirt size M Men’s size.

I know these are small things but to be honest because I have not worked I can’t do it myself. If people can help please email me on or call tomorrow because I’m going to sleep now 0412 190 011.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a good night.

Grant the Polite Guy.

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