Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SOS Helping those in need

This is a call out for any and all help,

Its well known Mates helping Mates does BBQ’S to help the many. But sometimes we come across people that need that little bit more help because things get tough.

I have two stories in one here, this is the first time I have done this with helping people, but I’m sure and hoping it works.

I got a call from a girl ( Sarah  about 25yr ) last night saying she’s about to become homeless again because things with a guy were going badly and things were really taking a turn for the worst in life. You see Sarah has been moving around a lot going from friend to friend doing what a lot call “Couch Surfing” Not a good lifestyle, you never know when you have to leave until it’s time to go and then look for another person’s house to go to.

 But then she started saying how this Friday she has a job interview for the Army Reserves and looking for a full time job to get on her feet which that could be a turning point for her. But she has no good clothes for the interviews and I know myself that when you move around a lot it’s easy to lose the little things you have.

I told Sarah that everything will be okay and I’m sure I’ll be able to help get accommodation and clothes as well. So I started putting out a plea for accommodation and things when I got another call from someone needing help.

Kerry called telling me about her story.

Kerry told me all about how she has 3 daughters (Ages 5, 9, 19 and baby on the way). But wait there’s more Kerry also looks after another girl aged 15 which gets no benefits, there was a lot of fights and arguments in her household. Kerry looks after her now.

Kerry called saying how things were getting tough and there was a real need for food and things and asked if there was a way they could get help.

Kerry does get money but hardship hits us all every now and then, it’s just it hits some more than others. Talking more I heard how tough things were getting and I started thinking how proud I was that she was asking for more things for her kids then herself. I wanted to race home and grab food from the cupboards and rush it to her. But she has dinner for tonight.

I started telling Kerry about the problems Sarah has and the fact that both were in great need and I was going to try and help both. Then I thought about it, then thought some more and then asked Kerry if she had room for one more person until she gets on her feet if I helped with extra food and things.

The great thing is Kerry didn’t even think about it. “YES if she’s as bad as us then giving her a room is the least I can do” Now this is ACE’S in mine and most people’s books. She called to get help and is ending up helping someone she has never seen. That’s an Aussie.

Here I can help both at the same time. So right now I’m asking for as much help as I can muster.
all female things needed
Clothes and toys for a 5 year old size 5

Clothes for 9 year old size 12

Clothes for 15, 19 and Sarah size 14. Remember Sarah and 19 are going to job interviews.

Clothes for Kerry size 18 and pregnant clothes too.

Clothes for new born

Food to fill the cupboards for 6 people to get on their feet.

Meat for freezer for healthy diet

Cleaning products.

2 Double beds much needed

Blankets (Getting cold) and pillows.

2 wardrobes    

A beer for Grant the Polite Guy, for doing a good job. Ha ha

Okay maybe not the last one, but the rest are much needed. So what we’re doing to asking everyone if they can help with any of this please do. We are collecting it all before tomorrow 2pm Weds the 6th. To do this please call me on 0412 190 011 or email me on grantthepoliteguy@gmail.com
Thank you for reading my blog and for this post please forward it and share to help get more help.
Thank you again and I hope you have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.


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  1. Hi Grant, I'm not in Australia at the moment so can't help with the other needs for these people but I remember a great organisation in Brisbane that may be able to assist the girls with job interview clothing - http://www.dressforsuccess.org/home.aspx

    Best wishes