Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Hand Up Day

I wrote about Kerry’s family and Sarah in my last post. The good news is people stood tall and said “I have clothes and things” and Sarah went to her interview with beautiful clothes. She thought she looked like a million dollars, (well except for a zipper that would do up) ha ha I don’t think she believed she could look so smart. She didn’t get the job in the Army but Sarah and the 19 yr agree to let Mates helping Mates help them get a fulltime job. Meeting once a week for 8 hours. Also because I asked so nicely the whole family is doing counselling every Thursday afternoon with a counsellor at their home.

Giving food and clothes did help but with the extra services like looking for work and counselling is going to help long term as well.

Now I’m sure there’s going to be up’s and down’s here but I said as long as they don’t give up I won’t give up on them. They think I’m inspirational. Ha ha. I think I have a size 13 boot for their butts if they quit. Ha ha.


The Van That Can

Lee and his lovely wife came to a Mates helping Mates meeting saying he has a van and can move anything for us. Now I do try to get people to drop off things themselves, but really this van has done hundreds of km’s over the last 2 weeks helping people for us and out of the goodness of his heart. So I say please if you need anything moved call him first because if I can give him business for help us then it’s worth it. The guy set a new record for being ACE’S in my book.

The Van That Can

0410 583 991

On Facebook too.


A Hand Up Day

I remember a large number of nights were it was bitterly cold and raining, you cover yourself up with everything you have just to protect yourself from the wind. But nothing works because it feels like the cold is in your bones. So you just shiver wishing or praying for the rain to stop, the wind to stop, but most of all for the sun to come out and warm everything up again. But as daybreak hits the rain hits harder and the wind gets stronger and the sun doesn’t come out.

Now that was a bit harsh, but really to think that it doesn’t happen is fooling yourself. This is one of thousands of reasons why I work so hard helping homeless people and really any people in great need.

Now I’m reminded about this because here in Brisbane it’s been bitterly cold and raining off and on for weeks now.

I get a lot of people saying to me “Grant people want to help more but don’t know what to do” or “Grant you’re an inspiration and I wish more people were like you”. I say I’m nothing special and anyone can do it. So let’s help people to help themselves.

If people are waiting to hear what they can do then I’ll say it now, because I have a plan. Ha ha

On the 17th of this month should be a Sunday no matter which State or Country you’re in. So that gives you a 5 days if you read this quickly. I say, tell your friends and family to collect clothes, blankets, food and as a group or on your own take them to homeless or have a BBQ and put up posters to invite or something like that. I mean it, I want to hear from people everywhere about what they did and I’ll post it here.

People have clothes they never want to see again and really collecting them will be easy and handing them out will be one of the most fulfilling things you could do. (Helping someone in need) If anyone says why? You just say “Grant the Polite Guy says to ask”.

Do we want to call this a special day? I do this a lot but let’s call it “A Hand Up day”

I know you can do this. I’ll even make it easy and I’ll type a notice for people to copy and paste and all you have to do is change the details for your area and put everywhere. e.g. Office kitchens, Shops, walls or even to hand to your friends and family.

Copy and make changers and print. You will look like a hero I promise and you will be doing so much good.

I’m Grant the Polite Guy and this Sunday is A Hand Up Day.

It’s been getting cold out so let’s band together and help those in need most. I’m putting on a BBQ were all homeless and people in need will come and get food, clothes, toiletries and things for free to help during these tough times. I’m asking everyone to look for clothes they never want to see again and give to people who need it, plus food, drinks, toiletries and anything that will help. I’m also going to need helpers to cook and stack clothes. This BBQ is going to be at Bleeding Heart (166 Ann St) from 10am to 2pm this Sunday on the 17th. I am collecting all clothes in the foyer of the BOQ building (259 Queen St City) before 9am on the 15th.

To help please call 0412 190 011 or grantthepoliteguy@gmail.com

Thank you all and have a good day. Grant the Polite Guy.

So that’s what I’m going to use. If people want to join me here in Brisbane please contact me. If you live elsewhere and if you’ve been waiting for someone to tell you how to help then there it is. I’m asking and telling you how and when to do it. I really would love to hear about how things went and maybe photo’s.


I thank you for reading my blog and I wish everyone a great and successful A Hand Up Day. If you think homeless can’t be helped just remember I was homeless and look at me know.

Grant the Polite Guy

0412 190 011

Twitter @grantpoliteguy

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