Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Idea's (Housing)

I went walking around to do my ‘Pie and Coke’ thing the other day when I came across a guy “Tim”. Now Tim was at first aggressive mostly because he didn’t know who I was and right away thought me as a threat. It didn’t take long to get to the talking stage and me asking him to have a ‘Pie and Coke’ with me. Mostly with me saying I understand. Tim had a black eye and did look rough and to be honest it didn’t take much to know he hadn’t showered for a few days. But who am I to judge because there was many of days I hadn’t either in the past too.
While eating and drinking he told me about being beaten up and getting the black eye because he decided to stay a night with other homeless, I told him how it’s always safer to leave as soon as alcohol or drugs comes out and that there’s a lot of help there to help him get on his feet.
I even made him feel more comfortable by saying a few homeless jokes which we both laughed. (You had to be there, it was funny). My aim was to build a friendship quickly and then I made a huge mistake. I asked about his family and said I could help contact them. He stiffed up and very quickly got up and just started walking without really saying anything. I knew right away I made a mistake but to my defences some homeless go back home after they think it’s okay too and the family forgives them or accepts them. (Mostly because it’s sometimes a minor thing and the family are really worried)
I tried to talk and stop him, but without holding him down he was leaving no matter what I said. Talking about family went too far.  I have spoken to many of homeless and for some I’ve dialled the number on my phone and in some cases even started the call with talking to the family.
But no I started feeling bad in myself because a 14 maybe 15 year old was walking to sleep on the streets and if I tried to chase him he would only run. I don’t know what happened with his family and I can only think it wasn’t good at all. The city is not really that big and I know I will see Tim again, but I won’t make the same mistake again until he’s ready to tell me about it.
I know sometimes I make mistakes and really I wish I didn’t, but I have not done a counselling course and when I see others that have done a course and do what I do then I’ll stop. I might make mistakes sometimes but I still help so many. I would never show, but sometimes I wish I could show the thank you letters I get.

Now that last sentence reminded me of something I’ve wanted to write about for a while. Sometimes I post pictures or talk about a person that has gotten on his/her feet and maybe mention to much where someone knows the person. So please listen to this carefully because I mean this to be nice and polite.
I have helped a lot of people get on their feet and trust me the LAST THING they ever want to hear is “How grateful are you for Grant the Polite Guy helping you to get on your feet” If you have said this you are a stupid, stupid person. When I talk or help someone, it’s not want I do that gets them on their feet; it’s already inside them to do it. I just help them to find it. There’s nothing worst then someone being proud of getting on their feet and getting confidence in themselves when someone comes along and says how grateful they should be to someone else for helping or doing it for them. So people please think.
I’m sorry about that, but really I’ve wanted to write that for a while now.

For those that know me, sometimes I get an idea in my head and really it’s all I can think about, until I solve it or put it into action. This idea I can’t do alone. So I’ll write about it here and see if anyone wants to come on board and try and help work something out or have ideas to put it together.

This is hard because it’s so focused in my mind but writing it is so much harder. I’ll do it in point form to make it easier.

·         A place near the city.

·         Housing 10 homeless

·         They call after 9am to stay that night, which they turn up between 6pm and 7pm

·         Volunteers stay the night and cook dinner, show where clothes for free, showers and beds are.

·         Everyone leaves at 7:30am so volunteers can get to work.

·         Food, clothes and everything donated.

·         No-one may stay more than 3 days a week so able to help more homeless people.

·         The idea is to let homeless people clean up and sleep in a bed while looking for those that really want to get on their feet.

·         I know I can get a mountain on volunteers to help.

·         This is doing the ‘Pie and Coke’ thing but giving a bed as well. Talking as equals.

·         NO Drugs or Alcohol

·         2 volunteers at a time.

They turn up, have a meal and sit and just talk, shower and sleep in a bed. The next morning they take whatever clothes they can carry and a larger number of people are helped.
Now here’s the great thing. I believe I can put this together. I just have to work out how. Any and all ideas needed.


Working the foyer of 259 Queen St, doing my shoe shine thing I couldn’t help but notice a lady always smiling at me as she walked past which made me feel more welcome but the thing that got me was the fact she didn’t know me or anything about ‘Grant the Polite Guy’. Well as time went on I started getting to know Fiona. She plans and puts together events for charities and things like that, Title “Communications and Events Consultant”
She’s a person that helps others too but she helps the helpers. (Charities that help people) She is awesome.
But more to the point she’s one of those people you just know is nice just seeing or meeting her. Now that’s a great reason for me to write about her, but there’s more (I always wanted to write that. Ha ha) she’s a fantastic cook and she has her own blog where she gives you the recipe’s so you can cook it too. I’ll even say I don’t know which is stronger, her love for helping people or cooking because I think her heart is big enough for both.
So please follow me and check out her blog.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day. Please don’t forget I need idea’s about the house thing and if you can please share for others.

Grant the Polite Guy.
P.S This week I have more readers in the U.S then here in Australia. Woo Hoo Thank you U.S


  1. That's the original housing idea we first talked about! I haven't forgotten it's stil on the list of goals :-) We will do it!

  2. There must be a lot of buildings with facilities which are unused after hours, swimming pools, gymnasiums, sporting clubs etc.If you had a truck with portable cooking gear, mattresses clothes etc, volunteers could just grab the truck after work drive to pre-arranged premises anywhere then pack it all back in the truck in the morning.St Vinnies have trucks maybe they'd lend you one at night?

  3. Oh, Grant, you are FAR too kind. Thank you so much for including my little blog on your's. You are the one with the big heart, Grant. THANK YOU :-) Fi

  4. Oh and I also wanted to pass on the name of that great organisation donating leftover food to charities - OzHarvest. Here's their website
    From what I understand they have only just started in Brisbane.
    As a society we waste far too much food. This is a great organisation doing something with leftover food from restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets etc.
    Obviously a place to accommodate people is the first part needed in your project, but food will be the next so I hope this helps. :-)

  5. Am just catching up on your blog Grant ... I slack of me!

    Love your idea re the housing the homeless ...don't have any real ideas at present, but please know that Peter and I would be more than willing to help as volunteers, stay at the place overnight, helped with donated clothing etc etc!!

    Please keep in contact with us re this and of course all the BBQ's!!!