Monday, May 21, 2012

A Celebrated weekend.

I celebrated over the weekend and no I didn’t get all drunk and things. You see all of last week I worked everyday each for 8 hours. Now most people do this but for me it was the first week I had done it since my accident and I was so proud. You see I have worked all this time but until last week couldn’t do a whole week at 8 hours each day because of injuries.

But wait it gets better, On the Saturday we filmed the DVD I’ve been trying to put together for about 2 years now. A great achievement. I’m not going to say much about the DVD because I want to do a big launch in about 3-6 weeks.

So after all that, I did the one thing that makes me happiest most for a reward for myself. I took my wife and daughter to the video shop and hired movies and bought pop-corn and spent the day as a family. I do have a passion for helping the homeless, but sometimes I have to remind my family there the most important thing to me. (Yes my wife now reads my blog. Ha ha)

I know a lovely lady (Michelle Rhodes) who put together a book called "You Are Not Alone"- A Carer's Journey,
Michelle would be one of the nicest person I have ever meet. Good heart and to be honest one person that does far more then me to help people mostly because it's in her nature but also she has a son 8 year old with Cerebral Palsy and I've never seen her do nothing but smile. She out fitted her van and unit to care for her son easier with husband Peter.

Michelle thought there wasn't enough information out there for other parents with kids with a disability so with the help of Tanya Dennis and others did a like a info book. It has everything about goverment departments to where's good for disability play groups.

All Michelle wants to do is spread the word to help other families so please check out this site and share with others.

Contact -


I was going to write alot more here but I have to pick my little girl up from school.

I hope you all have a great day and thank you for reading.
Grant the Polite Guy.


  1. Great news Grant.So happy for you.You deserved to celebrate x

  2. Looking forwards to seeing the DVD, what a remarkable, compassionate man you are, and I look forwards to working with you when you are in Ipswich...what a great way tp spend the weekend, nothing better than popcorn , a good movie and being with the ones most important to you...cheers lisa

  3. Bravo, Grant, on your great success to finish a full week of work and always with a smile. And to end this fantastic week with the completion of a great project and time with the family. Perfection! :-)