Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Young Ones

This just happened. Ha ha

My wife came to see me and asked how my writing was going? “I'm stuck because I keep thinking about writing that script” You see I'm putting together a educational DVD and the person that was going to write it didn't and I film in 3 weeks. So I'm writing it and I have never written a script before.

Anyway my wife asks “would I like a toasted sandwich?” Which I say “Yes please” and she very quickly returns and hands me a piece of paper. “We will need bread, cheese, tomato and things so I wrote a shopping list” Big smile on her face. Nothing wrong with her being able to write. Ha ha

So here I am enjoying a nice toasted sandwich and my wife feels clever for getting me to go to the shops.


Young ones.

More times then I can count I've spoken to young ones (12-15 year olds). Some I want to boot them in the ass and send them home, because they say it's cool to sleep on the streets. There idiots.

But about 2 in 5 (that I have noticed) have been abused at home and it's safer on the streets and this is well just sad. That's when I feel like booting the parents in the ass.

Ha ha I've mention booting in the ass twice now, please know it's a saying only.

The problem is trust with a lot of them. They don't know you so don't trust you, and the only ones they get to know is other homeless which in most cases are not a good roll model so it doesn’t take long to turn to crime and worst. Before long they start thinking it's a lifestyle of being homeless. Now there is great services out there that do great work but it's not enough because there's still homeless young ones.

I could write about some stories I know about, but it would be to hard to read. I will say I was talking to a guy (14 maybe) a few weeks ago and I tried to help him but he said it's cool to be on the streets, just a few days ago I saw him with a black eye and he look like he had been beaten up. I was on a bus so I didn't talk to him but I know I will see him again. The fact is I hope I don't because maybe just maybe he goes back home.

I have a plea. Please if you see a young one or any age really, please offer to buy a meal if you have the spare coins in your pocket. I always remember I was in there position and for some even worst, look how I turned out. A great guy that helps many. Please pass it forward. Helping a person then they may help others.


I was going to write another piece but my little 9 year old (Jasmine) wants to spend time with her dad. I'm writing this as she's pulling on my arm. Ha ha.

I hope you all have a great day and thank you for reading my blog.

Grant the Polite Guy.

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  1. Wow timing.Just before I read this I got a txt from a boy I used to relief foster.He used to go to my girls preschool where I volunteered & I knew something wasnt right so my girl became his playmate.He would come to visit so I was able to keep an eye on him.So it was worked out with family services we would have him on weekends.His dad the basher got to stay at home.So unfair.Eventually things got so bad he had to be put into full time foster care and we still had him for some weekends etc.When he was once again placed back home with that cruel father of his I couldnt handle it as was upsetting our family so much.When I questioned family services decision I was told there was just not enough homes to place these kids in.It didnt last & he went to his reluctant grand parents.
    He is 18 now and says he is so grateful for all we taught him and got to see how a real loving family life could be.He said if it wasnt for our love he may have ended up on the streets.So I understand how easily these children can end up there.
    May I also say I think what you do for the homeless is wonderful but what is more so is that you know it is time to move from your computer and go and play with your daughter when she needs her daddy time.For that I admire you