Tuesday, September 25, 2012

4 Days 400 for Singles Night.

Me and my big mouth. Ha ha. Last night I was talking to a single person and I was hearing how internet dating was bad. Then me and my big mouth saying “I can put a BBQ on in 5 days for the homeless I bet I could put on a singles night for 400 people in 4 days” and joking around.

I got a text this morning saying how it’ll be great on Friday night. I was a bit confessed so I called and was reminded I said this Friday I’m doing a Singles Night. What have I done!

So you guessed it, I kept saying yep and it’ll be great. This was at 6:30am this morning. I hung the phone up and well let me say panic started very quickly. Ha ha.

But I am a person that knows people. By 9:50am I had a venue in the city (The Function Room at The Irish Club) and a D.J/ Event Party Person. This event was going ahead.  I had everything needed except about 400 single people) Haha easy I still have 3 days from now.

I’m meeting tomorrow with event planners to work out what games and fun things to make it easier for people to break the ice and meet other single people. This is going to be a great night.

The club will be keeping the drinks at normal club prices but there is a door charge of $20 which gives a free drink voucher.

Now I wouldn’t be me and do something if it wasn’t going to help others. Yes I do think helping single people to help meet other single people is helping, but I like helping homeless and people in need as well, So on this fun exciting night I’m going to ask a few people if they would like to be auctioned off for a date. Where people can bid for a date for the person on stage.  I’m sure this will be very funny and make the night that much more exciting. The money will go to helping a homeless person or person’s.

Please note that any auctioning will only be with the consent of the person on stage.

400 is not going to be easy but I won’t quit because things got tough. So if your single and between 18 and 65 I want you to come and have a great night, who knows you may meet that special person you could have coffee with as friends or even meet that Mr or Mrs Right. But it’ll be a fun and great night out.

Called “Your Doorway Singles Night”

 Function Room

The Irish Club
175 Elizabeth St. Brisbane City
Starting 6:30pm

I’m really looking forward to this event, mostly because I have never done a event like this and to be honest I’m excited to see how it goes. If your single come and bring friends, if your not single please tell others as 400 is not going to be easy. Haha

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day. I only have 4 days to put this together so please share and tell others.

Grant the Polite Guy.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two Awesome Ladies

When I’m out and talking to homeless or people in need I have shared laughter, tears and hugs of gratefulness. So many emotions sometimes when someone wants to sit and talk all about their story. I have often thought if more people could share this they would work as hard as I do to help that many more. I was very inspired when I read two stories that were sent to me within the last 24 hours. I’m going to share them here and maybe you’ll be inspired as I was.

The first one comes from a great person that has helped me many of time with doing things for the homeless and even doing the ‘Pie and Coke’ with me.

Here’s a story by Benedikte Palings

After a coffee with Cornelia I walked to the Valley Station and there was a skinny, elderly Aboriginal guy sitting on the ground asking for money. I asked if I could get him something to eat instead, and he said “Yes please, I’m starving”. He said he couldn’t walk very well because he was nearly blind. I asked what he would like, and he said “something hot”. I asked if he would like a burger, and he did. He also asked for a soft drink. I said I’d get something and I would come back.

I went into the Station hall where there is a KFC, and got him a combo meal. He had not expected I would return, and when I announced myself he said “Awww, you come back”. I put the burger and the chips in his hand, told him what it was. I could see his excitement when he felt the food in his hand. He put it very close to him on the ground. Then I got him the pepsi and two of those little wet towels to clean his hands. OMG Grant, he was so happy. Had one tear rolling down his check and he said “May God bless you, you are my Angel. I love you”. He had me close to tears as well! Just a little meal for under $6 became so much more than that. Such a pity I was wearing a skirt and couldn’t sit on the ground, otherwise I would have done the whole pie n coke thing with him.

It was really, really moving how happy he was, like I had done something HUGE. And if I had not met you Grant this would not have happened. I would have walked pasted him, how sad is that... I was thinking of writing this experience on my wall and encourage others to do the same (buying someone a feed), but not sure if that would be appropriate. What do you think? I would really value your opinion.

But thank you, Best Bud, because you have opened my eyes to something that is truly sad and urgent in our modern society and I am very grateful that you did, because I won’t walk past with blinkers on anymore....

Benedikte is awesome and Ace’s in my book.


Now I’ll share a story written to me by Deb Boundy who is such an inspiration to most that would know her. She helps a great organization called Making a Difference - Brisbane which helps so many people all the time and really does more than I do some days.

Here’s Deb’s story that was written to me.

Morning Grant,

I just wanted to let you know I did something yesterday which made me feel good. There was a homeless man sitting outside a shop in Logan, I said “good afternoon”to him and smiled at him. I went inside the shop, the gentleman looked hungry so I bought him a hot wrap and a iced coffee Breaka. Just thought I’d let you know. Was due to meeting you that did this, in previous times I would have smiled and said afternoon but not bought anything. Thank you Grant.

They don’t come nicer then these two ladies. There awesome and I’m proud to just know them and the fact their doing the same as me and helping wherever they can for people in need and homeless.


Now I do have some very good news. I went to the specialist on Friday morning and over the last 6 weeks my red cell count has come downward and the treatment is working well, now I’m doing the treatment for another 6 weeks and then look at the results again. I knew I would get through this, I wasn’t going to quit or give up. Haha. I’m not out of the woods yet but it’s a positive turn. I wanted to thank all those that sent emails and things.


More good news to come. The donation button has collected a total of $618 (Mostly thanks to Sally Piracha)  towards building that coffee cart which will help people in need by giving experience and a job.

I’d like to thank you all for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day. This post may inspire others to help others in need so please share using the buttons below.

Grant the Polite Guy.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I come across a lot of people that are homeless or in great need. I mean sometimes people just need that helping hand because they are down on their luck. People lose jobs, accommodation, relationships split ups and one or both feel left alone, there’s many reasons why people fall down. One thing I have noticed with talking to people that are homeless or close to it is that things started going downhill and it just never stopped.

I’ll write about one case without mentioning names. I have spent a lot of time with a lady that lost her job and went for job interview after job interview for months, soon after she had to move into her car because she could pay the same rent as she had when working. I believe she thought it would be for a short time. Then as time went on she slowly just accepts it and it’s become more of a lifestyle. She stopped hiding it and started believing herself to have less worth.

The way I see it, the longer she believes this is a lifestyle the harder it’ll be to come back. This is not a once off story, I’m sure there’s hundreds of names that could be put to that story.

Being knocked back time after time again for work would be hard but losing their home as well could sent someone on a downward spiral. This was written for people that do look for work, not people that never miss Judge Judy or Springer every day. Ha ha

I’d like to write about an idea I mentioned not too long ago. It’s a Coffee cart idea that like other coffee carts sells coffee.

The idea of this coffee cart was to only employ and train people from hardships. The idea is they do a 2 weeks training in a coffee shop which I have set up, then work for above award wages at the coffee cart getting experience in the industry. No limit of how long they stay for.

I was thinking with every cup of coffee sold then the cart would donate 20 cents to the charity I’m putting together which does the BBQ’S and helps homeless. So really it’ll be people in need getting trained and working while each cup sold goes to helping others that are in need. Something like ‘Pay it Forward’

Now I have organized everything coffee machine, beans, cups, eg except the cart itself which Nathan Scholz has said he would make if I bought the materials, around $2,500. I am putting all money I get from my donation button (top left) towards this until I raise enough.

To help me out raising this, an amazing person Sally Piracha has placed a brand new IPAD on ebay which all the money is donated for making the cart as well. A brand new IPAD AWESOME.  bit.ly/NqZN62

Check it out and know the winner gets an IPAD and helps people in the future. There’s only 6 hours to go.

I’d like to say thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day. Please donate if you can on the donation button (top left) as all money is going towards getting that cart.

Grant the Polite Guy.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

An OLD Start

An old start is so true right now. I’ll start it close to the beginning, I’ve been getting bad chest pains not feeling well at all, the doctors did there tests.

“Polycythaemia Vera” Now I will say he kept talking after that but used really big words and I really didn’t know what he meant. I did look it up on the internet for information and wish I hadn’t.

To shorten this is to say my body produces too many red cells, which makes my blood to think. Blood too think means my heart has trouble pumping it. There is no cure for this but it can be controlled for some time. Once a week I get my blood drained (a lot) to the stage I’m weak so that the red cells are reduced and medication. I am really hoping to stay at this stage but not likely.

I already have my injuries from the accident and now new things have started to develop, blurred vision, weakness, night sweats and fatigue because of this.

I am not wanting people to feel sorry for me in any way. I am writing all this so I can explain why I am going back to selling the Big Issue.

I worked and built up a successful shoe shining chair but the problem was doing all the tests by the doctor and being weak from the Polycythaemia Vera and the blood drain, I wasn’t opening the chair the hours it needs. I really only could thing of two things to do, go on a pension or still work and go back to doing the Big Issue were I can finish early or even have time off when needing it. I didn’t make this decision quickly.

I don’t want people thinking I just gave up because things got worst with my health. I do look at this as taking a step backwards with working and income but it’s better than not working at all.

A lot of people are inspired or even take pride in knowing I made it. Please don’t think I would give up because I won’t. I know what it’s like to go down that road. 

I am working out the front of the Post Office Square on Queen St in the city.


The BBQ’S for the homeless are still going ahead but was put on hold for a short time while bad health. I am working on the next event and will be posting here as soon as I know a date and where.

But talking about BBQ’S, I’d like to mention two wonderful people that have helped so many more people in need then I have ever done. I get inspired talking to them. Karen and Peter (Knitting for the Needy) have been to every BBQ event I have ever done helping with clothes and things. Now they need our help. Sunsuper is offering $5,000 to charities that get the most votes by us the people.

Please go to this site and vote for Karen and her team. http://sunsuperdreams.com.au/dreams/popular

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day.

Grant the Polite Guy.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


The ‘Reconnect’ at Petrie went well. It started at around 6:30pm on the Tuesday night at Caboolture where they had a BBQ for the homeless. I loved this, I even offered to help out but they were all sorted. Everyone knew what to do and just done it. So I just talked around talking to people.

Yvonne Jones turned up with blankets and things collected by the Making a Difference (MaD) team. They didn’t last long and more people were going to be warmer this night.

They had around 50 homeless or in need there. They done well.

Jumping into the car Yvonne Jones and I were off to meet others to do the CEO sleep-out at the park in Petrie.

The group of us were sitting around this bowl which had a small fire talking about homelessness and things that were important. Each one talking, but thinking the same thing “It’s really and I mean really cold” haha.

I will say I was proud to meet such great people, we had students from a TAFE, Senior members of the Rotary Club, Business owners and even a Shoe Shiner there too.

One by one the group started getting smaller as they huddled up into sleeping bags. As the night started getting later I noticed every once in a while someone would walk through or around the park. Now I started thinking of how when I was homeless I learnt quickly NOT to sleep in such open places because of bad experiences. I figured it’s best someone stayed up for the night and just keep an eye open.

So keeping the fire going (Oh yes. Ha ha) I just sat there thinking of all the memories of when I was homeless. In a way I think it changed me a bit because since then I feel more driven to success than before, because I don’t ever want to be homeless again.

The CEO Gang

Morning came as did the vehicles bringing all the things to start the ‘RECONNECT’ event. About 40 organizations came from everywhere and setting up things that promoted there services. I helped putting up the Marques and things but mostly helped Making a Difference (MaD) because they had so much in the way of blankets, clothes and toiletries to spread out for the event.

Now I wasn’t going to come to an event to help the homeless without helping with clothes too so I organized all the boxes (around 30 Boxes) of clothes to be loaded and picked up by my mate Lee from ‘The Van That Can’ once again Lee came through and help in such a big way even though he had to be a Caboolture at 6am, the guy is awesome. But while I’m talking about awesome people I want to mention my sweet mum. She noticed a stain on a shirt so she washed and ironed all clothes in the 30 boxes, took almost 2 weeks. Now you know where I get my good nature from. Ha ha She’s awesome.

Morning came as did the vehicles bringing all the things to start the ‘RECONNECT’ event. About 40 organizations came from everywhere and setting up things that promoted there services. I helped putting up the Marques and things but mostly helped Making a Difference (MaD) because they had so much in the way of blankets, clothes and toiletries to spread out for the event.

Now I wasn’t going to come to an event to help the homeless without helping with clothes too so I organized all the boxes (around 30 Boxes) of clothes to be loaded and picked up by my mate Lee from ‘The Van That Can’ once again Lee came through and help in such a big way even though he had to be a Caboolture at 6am, the guy is awesome. But while I’m talking about awesome people I want to mention my sweet mum. She noticed a stain on a shirt so she washed and ironed all clothes in the 30 boxes, took almost 2 weeks. Now you know where I get my good nature from. Ha ha She’s awesome.

Denise and Katherine Hoyle

Works with Making a Difference, Not only did they have the biggest stall to hand things out, but they did the one thing I have never thought of and that’s, as females walked around they called them over and asked if they would like to help themselves to a box which had tampons and ladies pads in it. That way guys and others didn’t see them getting the items and a lot less embarrassing for them.  Very, very smart.

The whole (MaD) team work very hard all day of which I had trouble keeping up with them myself, being up all night I think it was about 12pm lunchtime when my back was really hurting and I just laid down on a bench for an hour.

Kirsty Richardson

I meet Kirsty for the first time at this event, but Kirsty has been friends with me on Facebook, Twitter and follows my blog for some time now.

I was talking to a girl named Sue and she was telling me how she’d like to get clothes for a baby. I walked Sue right over to Kirtsy’s table which had toiletries and young ones clothes. That when Kirsty asked me if I was ‘Grant the Polite Guy’ and told me who she was.

I later meet up with Kirsty and she told me she puts a few dollars away every week and buys from ebay in bulk just to hand out to the homeless. Ace’s in my book.

Yvonne Jones

Not only did Yvonne stay and do the CEO sleep-out but I can say she made hundreds of calls and meeting people to help put this all together. Then during the event she told me how important it was to help people get back on their feet and I could tell that the passion in her voice that there was no-way she would quit for anything and yet not asked anything in return. Even didn’t take any credit for what she did to help putting it together. I am proud to know her.

There were a huge amount of people helping and I could write all day about them. In time I will as I work with more people.


I did meet a girl named Sue who I got the chance to sit with and chat over a sausage on bread. She told me how her boyfriend was fearing going to jail because of mistakes with drugs and things. It took a few minutes to get her to talk about herself and I must say I heard some really bad things.  Nothing she had done wrong it was more that she had gone through and going through rough times. I’d like to say we had a good chat there and then, but a guy who drove her to the event demanded that they go home now. He was a real piece of work. He didn’t want her to get on her feet, he likes her right where she is. I wanted to put my size 13 boot right up his ass. But they call me Grant the Polite Guy. Ha ha. I did get her phone number and from that she is agreeing to chat with counsellors. I will follow up as time goes on but the best I can do is be a friend and help get the right people that know what they’re doing to do their job.


Weeks ago I mentioned about putting together a coffee cart which people from harsh background or having trouble getting a start at work because of reasons to get a break in life. I set up a coffee shop to do training and know all they need to know about the business. Also 20 cents from each cup sold would go towards a charity that helps homeless and people in need. So people getting help are selling coffee and helping others at the same time.

I have the machine and things but still need to get the cart. I posted that every cent donated on my blog here would go towards it until I had enough. In the 10 days not one cent has been donated. I must say I thought it was a good idea so I’m still going to put the donations towards the cart until it’s paid for.


Because a lot of people are emailing me about different and other things then homeless, I’m going to be writing in my first blog I started and that’s grantthepoliteguy.blogspot.com

I’d like to thank everyone for reading my blog and I hope you all have a great day. If you like my idea about helping homeless or people in need please donate on the donate button on the top left hand side of this screen.

Monday, July 30, 2012

All coming together

I have so much to write tonight and I’m sorry if this one is longer than normal but at the end I am going to be writing about me sleeping on the streets again, that got your attention. Just grab a drink, sit back and enjoy. This post is very important to me because it’s about amazing people and our next event.

·         Making a Difference - Brisbane (MaD)

I remember I was doing a collection for someone in need and a Denise Hoyle called and said she had blankets to give to help out. Even brought them to me. (I love that bit as I don’t have a car). Well on the day Denise was talking about how she has done huge work helping flood effected people and now turning her efforts to helping homeless and people in need. That’s my kind of person, she’s Ace’s in my book. Ha ha.

Not long after Denise heard I was planning another BBQ event and I was collecting blankets and things for the homeless and offered to help using her crew from Making A Difference.  

Facebook Page July’s 100 Blankets was put together by Denise and her MaD team who are just as awesome being, Kerry Krause and Deb Boundy. Now when they put this page together they thought collecting 100 blankets would be great. Really when these 3 ladies put their mind to something about helping people then really I don’t think anything could stop them. I know they made calls drove countless Kms (Miles for U.S readers).

So for the whole month of July they have been collecting and collecting, I’m so impressed with the huge efforts which each of them have done and I can say last count I got was a huge amount being over 200 blankets, toiletries packs and things to give to the homeless. THERE AWESOME.

Just think about it, 3 ladies and friends used one Facebook page and a lot of leg work to do so much for people they don’t know.

Now July is almost over and because of the problems with Mates helping Mates I can’t put a BBQ together because I can’t legally ask for money to get insurance and for the purpose of having a BBQ for the homeless. I know it’s legal stuff. But I am setting another charity up right but it takes time.

Now when you do good in the world there’s good to be found.

I got a phone call from Yvonne Jones who told me she has followed my blog for ages (Her words. Haha) Well after talking to Yvonne she told me that she done huge work helping flood effected with Denise and many others. Now as chance would have it, Yvonne Jones has been working with others to put their own BBQ together called

‘Reconnect’ Homelessness Week Event

On August 8 at Petrie School of Arts

Sleepout for homeless. This is the same as other CEO sleepouts where they raise money to help homeless and the person gets a feeling of what it’s like to be out in the cold. In this case there asking people to buy 3 sleeping bags ($175 for 3 sleeping bags which they buy) of which you donate and there given to homeless the next morning. AWESOME IDEA.

A sleep out from 4.30 pm on the 7th august 2012 in the park next to the Petrie School of Arts will launch the activities. A sausage sizzle will be provided for participants around 7pm. Breakfast will commence about 7 am followed by setting up for the day’s events.  Local Members, CEO, Managers, staff and students are invited to bring a tent and warm clothing and participate in this event. For more details please contact Rose Butler of Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre on 0417791891 or roseb@prnc.org.au

The BBQ event commencing at 9am until 12 noon an Inter agency network forum will provide an opportunity services to discover services in our region and new referral pathways. The event will culminate with services invited to engage with people from 12.30 pm- 3 pm to deliver services which include:

Support to access identity documentation including birth certificates,

 Centrelink – support to access entitlements,

Department of Housing & Public Works – support to register for housing,

Metro North Medicare Local – free health checks and much more.

This event is going to help so many people, homeless and in need so as you can imagine I was excited when I was asked to join and help with this event. Right away I say that it seems you have so much I’m proud to even know you, what can I help with? The answer came back clothes and blankets. Now I still have injuries and of course the heart attack thing but I swear I could have done cartwheels right there and then. The MaD team have just collected a huge amount of blankets and I can get clothes by asking for them here on my blog and in the city. I couldn’t believe it, everything was coming together so well. Here was Denise and her MaD team waiting for an event to help homeless with blankets and things, then I had Yvonne on the phone telling me about an event and inviting me to join and help out where I can with the contacts I have too.

Now that is a huge ending there, but no this is my blog and the good just keeps coming. I received an email from Craig Michaels from Connected - Volunteers and Supporters They helped flood effected people as well. Now Craig’s email sent floods of memories back because it made me think about the very first BBQ event I put together. You see I was so scared I couldn’t get enough clothes and things for the homeless that I asked Craig and his team at Connected to donate clothes and things for the homeless through my BBQ. The guy was only too happy to give me more then I needed as long as it helped homeless and people in need.

I remember turning up with the van and there was pallets of things just waiting for loading and there was Craig with a huge smile and saying “Do good with this and help those that need it the most” we left with the big van loaded in the back and I was sitting on another box in the front seat with my feet on two box’s.

The guy really is a full hand of Ace’s in my book. Now this guy has helped in the thousands of people and now he’s came through again with the email saying he’d like to donate 200 more blankets and can food and things. The guy is awesome when it comes to helping. It’s no surprise the guy got a call saying he became a finalist for Pride Medal of Australia. Good luck mate.

200 more Blankets. Awesome.

Now Craig is a great man but he finds himself in a jam because the warehouses he uses he can’t use much longer. Now he is a charity and he’s looking for a warehouse to store the huge amount of things waiting to be given to people in need, prefer near railway which the owner can claim on tax because of his charity name and number. It’s another legal thing which I don’t really understand, but if you have a warehouse or large storage available please call and ask Craig about it and I’m sure he’ll explain all about it. 32671629. Sometimes people that help others need help to continue, so if you can please help. Tell him I sent you and I might get a beer out of it. Ha ha


Now for a short while now I’ve been trying to put a new idea together where it’s a coffee cart on a floor of the BOQ building and there’s going to be two people working it. One making the coffee’s and the other racing it to people office’s (Right to their desk and boardrooms). Now the reason I’m putting this together is because I’m wanting to help people in need with jobs.

I have a coffee shop saying they will do all training and explain everything about what they need to know in a way of getting on their feet. You see I figure if I can set a business up where I not only help people off the streets but helping them to learn and train how to work and even giving them a job to work and stay or just get the experience. (Paying them better then award).

Then I thought even better, After I have set the charity up I could set it up so that a percentage of per cup sold gets donated to the charity to help more as well. So the idea is, I help people off the streets or just in need and train them and offer a job to help them get on their feet and part of the profits go to a charity which helps even more people. People who have gotten help working and helping people to get help.

Now with my contacts that I have now so far I have machine , beans, cups and things but I need one of them carts for the whole thing to go one. Now I have priced one and there $12,000 new. But I know a guy which I can’t wait to write about later, well he’s dad can make one if I buy materials for it. About $2,500.

So from right now I’m donating all money I get from my donations from writing here until I get enough to pay for the cart and things needed. You know that yellow donation button at the top left. Now I normally say that I help people to help themselves, well now I’m saying I’m helping people to help themselves and then others in need too.


At the start of this post I said I was going to be sleeping on the streets. I am doing the CEO Sleepout too. My sleeping another night on the streets is going to help 3 homeless people with sleeping bags and while I’m there I’ll maybe inspire someone. Please think about joining me and contact Rose Butler of Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre on 0417791891 or roseb@prnc.org.au

Really there asking people to sleep one night out (which is safe) to help many that do it every night.

Thank you for reading my blog and as I like saying in life “Please share” there’s a little blue F for sharing on Facebook and a little T for sharing on Twitter.

I hope you all have a great day/night and if you like my stories, please feel free to donate on the Donate Button up top left.

Grant the Polite Guy

Twitter- @grantpoliteguy

Facebook and email- grantthepoliteguy@gmail.com

P.S Sorry for the extra long post.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Fresh Start.

Hi Guys and ladies of course,
To be honest I’m celebrating right now because the Bone Marrow went well and all tests are done; now I’m waiting for all the results. Now I’ll admit I was a bit scared last time I wrote, not because of the Bone Marrow hurting but worried about not getting my fitness and health back quickly afterwards.
But here I am days later and the reason I’m celebrating is I went back to work today. I managed to work the whole day earning money. I even done a ‘Pie and Coke’ which in today case did want a Pie and Coke. Awesome. I must say I’m proud of myself. So here’s some advice. Never give up because you’re the only person that can stop yourself.
I have been asked a lot about Mates helping Mates and our BBQ’S. Well I’ll put it here so people don’t get the wrong idea. Firstly I’m not going to dump on anyone, because really it doesn’t change anything. Sometimes people run others down so they look good themselves. That’s not looking good it’s showing your standards.
Now don’t get me wrong no-one is running me down (well that I know of, haha) but I want people to know I’m not angry or hold a grudge.
The fact is Mates helping Mates still needed to do legal papers to register for different things to be a charity and we couldn’t move forward until it happened. Well time went on and that’s one of the reasons there was no BBQ’S for 5 months. Except of course for the BBQ I put together by myself without using any resources from Mates helping Mates.
You see I have a burning desire to help people that are down on their luck and I don’t want to be slowed down. I did send an email saying we go get the legal things done now as a team with Randel (a lawyer) help or I would walk away and resign.
The reply wasn’t we are going to get the legal things done.
Over the next 7 days I will be asking a team of people to join me and build a new and great charity that helps people. I will be doing the legal things right from the start with Randel’s help. I am going to need people to be part of the board. There’s two people I’m hoping emails or texts me to ask, but I’ll see what happens.
The fact that I know I can help so many more people is the only reason I’m leaving Mates helping Mates.
I hope you all have a great day and thank you for reading my blog. I wanted to write more but it’s late and I want to work tomorrow too. Haha
Thank you again.
Grant the Polite Guy